The Minotaur (Art Print)



66X86 cm Limited edition Giclee Print,

Giclee Art Print on Somerset Enhanced Velvet 255gsm

signed and numbered by the artist. sold unframed.

Through this series of paintings we can see the strong relationship with the artist and history, his visual references to historical periods demonstrate how his Greek upbringing captured his imagination.

Encyclopedias, illustrated children books, documentary, museum visits and hours of researching images have inspired him to create such conceptual imagery.

It seems that the violent nature of humanity and a corrupt society full of civil disobedience is the main focus. The English artist William Hogarth's depiction of London Streets in Georgian times, streets frequented by alcoholics, opium junkies, prostitutes, the infamous Gin riots, homeless buskers, greedy politicians, compulsive gamblers and the pompous elite classes formed the inspiration for this illustrative painting. Hogarth's paintings disgusted the aristocracy, instead paintings portraying the elite view of a utopian romantic society were desired, much in contrast with the realty of the times they were living in.

With this mind set The Krah symbolizes modern society as a city prison labyrinth.

In the maze hundreds of characters illustrate today's society. Characters from different ages are depicted in a violent world whose savage figures symbolize the constant struggle among the the classes of contemporary society.

A world governed by fear, fear of the state. In Ancient Greece the Minotaur was the symbol of that fear, a mutant guardian of the Labyrinth: the big brother watching your every move.

Examining in detail we see the fight for survival, humanity in its instinctive nature, an animal wild full of brutality, sexual crimes, disobedience and disorder in a heavily controlled society. After centuries of trying to control the masses from the ancient times till now, the system of control is no longer working.

Visual references to Hieronymus Bosch are evident as this is a contemporary version of Bosh's hell.

Each time you look at this painting you see something new, stories layered in stories. Everyone is looking for Wally.